Learn to Code

Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a specific task. You may have also heard it referred to as “software programming” or “computer programming.” These instructions are communicated using a “computer language” that computers can understand. These languages include visual blocks, Java, Python, and C. Learning to code helps to improve problem solving and critical thinking skills. Learning to code isn’t just about the ability to program a computer. Coding teaches important academic skills and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization. It establishes valuable 21st century skills that can translate into a career.

Click on the links below to learn how to code.

BBC Bitesize link for those getting started with code

BC Bitesize computer science activities for KS2 children

Barclaycard UK Digital Eagles help you to learn about scratch

Website with a range of activities including Minecraft to help you to learn to code

Projects for 9-13 year olds